New Video Review of Content Gorilla

Content Gorilla Video Review

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Hi, I know your time is valuable so I’m just going to show you a very quick review of everything you get in Content Gorilla. This is based on a review video that Andrew Fox did, so you’ll see his face there in the bottom corner.

So Content Gorilla is basically a tool that will pull content from several different sources. You can see how many down this column here. Some of them might be additional extras to the basic version of the plugin, you’ll have to see the page when it launches to check that for yourself.

It’s a simple plugin that will just appear in your WordPress site like this. For the initial one-time setup you can see all the different things it will post about, so if you click on Facebook for example, you just have to put in your IDs initially for the services that you want to use.

So when you’ve got that initial setup done, you can just select what you want the campaign for: WordPress, Facebook, Tumblr, Blogger, and that’s what it will post to. In the basic version I think you just get WordPress but that’s plenty. That means you can create your own site.

To create a new campaign as they call it, you put in your keywords here and your categories over on this side. It will create the categories in WordPress for you. Then you tell it how often to post, however many hours or days, so it drip-feeds the content because you don’t want a huge site appearing on the internet all at once, that would be a red flag for Google. Much better to have it drip feeding like this.

Then here you have templates for the title and body of the different types of content that it draws in. Obviously they need different code depending on what you are using. You get that code of course, and the point about having a template here is that you can edit it to make it different from the original source if you want. You can copy and paste the different tags over here that make the title and content come up differently and contain different things. You can go with the default to make it easy if you want, or you can alter it to make your site different from other people’s.

Now let’s look at Campaigns and you can see more about how it works. This site has some campaigns set up already, so we go to Edit and you can see the keywords and categories that it has. The template defines how the content will be pulled or what content will be pulled from the various sources, whether it’s Amazon, YouTube or whatever.

If you go up to Modify Templates, that’s where you can see all of the default templates for the different services and edit them for your site. I think these are the sites that you can post to, other than your own WordPress site. Don’t forget I haven’t seen this for myself yet so I don’t know which services you get in the basic version or whether some of them might be upsells.

Then if you go to Module Templates, that’s what controls posting to your own site. I’m pretty sure you get at least YouTube, Amazon and Yahoo Answers in the basic version. And YouTube is huge right now, since Google bought it you can get some amazing results by having a YouTube video in all of your posts. It’s worth doing that manually even if you don’t get this – just a little tip for you there. But it’s a lot easier with a plugin like this if you want to build a big new site targeting a lot of keywords. And you’ll get training on how to do all of this of course.

So here you can see how it’s posting to a Facebook page automatically. You can see the title, image … over here there’s some Amazon stuff appearing on the Facebook page.

On the next tab this is a WordPress site built by the plugin, this isn’t about exotic pets any more it’s about trumpets. So this has pulled in some content from Amazon. You have the title, the image, the description and an order link which will obviously be your affiliate link. Don’t forget if you promote Amazon products to read their terms and especially you need to check for the current wording of their disclosure which you have to show on every page so you just need to paste that into a widget in your sidebar or footer.

And here we’re back to the exotic pets site which is bringing content from You Tube. So it pulls in the video with its description and a rating. But you could set that up differently to pull in different things, that’s what the templates are for that we showed you before.

So as Andrew says it’s an insanely good plugin that is customizable so your site can look different both to visitors and to the search engines.

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Prelaunch Content Gorilla Video Review

Content Gorilla Review

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Transcript of this video review:

So this is my review of Content Gorilla by Andrew Fox and Chris Fox that’s launching on September 12th. Basically what Content Gorilla is, is a plugin that allows you to get quality content from all of these websites all over the web like YouTube, Amazon, Yahoo, and then you can put it on your website pretty much immediately. This plugin installs in less than 60 seconds.
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Content Gorilla Review

Content Gorilla Review Video

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Content Gorilla is a stunning new product from Chris Fox and Andrew Fox that will suck laser-targeted traffic to your site from YouTube, Amazon and Yahoo on autopilot.

As you probably know, Amazon is a easy source of affiliate commissions. Online shoppers love and trust Amazon. Linking to its products is an easy way to make money – if you have the traffic. That’s the catch for many people. But Chris and Andrew have the answer to that too with the YouTube element of their plugin.

YouTube is now Google’s baby and can bring you huge amounts of free traffic very easily. You don’t have to worry about duplicate content with these videos! Google is heavily into promoting sites that link to YouTube to increase the value of its online empire.

Andrew Fox and Chris Fox are high earning affiliate marketing brothers from Ireland who have helped a lot of people make a lot of money online in the last ten years.

Will you let them do the same for you?

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Who Is Andrew Fox in Internet Marketing?

Andrew Fox Internet Marketing

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Andrew Fox has been involved in internet marketing since 1999 and he’s been a hugely successful internet marketer for many years.

His income is a secret but he had plenty of practice in training others by teaching his younger brother Chris to become another hugely successful internet marketer like himself. The Fox brothers come from Northern Ireland.

Find out more about Andrew Fox’s internet marketing products here.

Andrew Fox Internet Marketing Products

Andrew Fox Products

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Most of Andrew’s internet marketing products aim to teach people how to make money from affiliate marketing, which he does very successfully himself.

He now focuses on automatic site and content creation systems that make it super easy for newbies to get into internet marketing with the “make money on autopilot” model.

He’d been working in niches for many years before he became well known. One of his first big successes on the IM scene came when he released the affiliate marketing product Dominating Clickbank.

Dominating Clickbank 1 and 2 by Andrew Fox

Andrew Fox Dominating Clickbank 2

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The original Clickbank domination product from Andrew Fox was new (at the time) training for internet marketers focusing on dominating sales of Clickbank products. In 2008 he released an update called Dominating Clickbank 2.

This product was aimed mainly at IM newbies or those who have been around for a while but are still struggling to make their first serious money online.

Clickbank gives automatic approval for promoting products so it’s easy for beginners who can have approval hassles with other affiliate networks. On the other hand, for this same reason, competition can be stiff. You need to know what to promote and how to promote it to make a lot of money with CB.

This product has now been withdrawn from sale. Andrew replaced it with newer and better affiliate marketing training products like Affiliate Millionaire.

Affiliate Millionaire by Andrew Fox

Andrew Fox Affiliate Millionaire

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In Affiliate Millionaire, first released in 2010, Andrew showed us how to ramp up our affiliate marketing income to the next level by focusing on hungry buyers.

As you can see in the video, Andrew shoots straight from the hip.

He added email marketing to the mix to show us how to keep visitors on a leash so we could take them to the same and other opportunities to buy again and again.

He also covered how to make money from product launches as an affiliate, and exactly how to time all of your promotions.

The following year Andrew Fox released Commission Predators with his brother Chris.

Commission Predators by Chris and Andrew Fox

Andrew Fox Commission Predators

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Andrew Fox joined his younger brother Chris to produce a new product called Commission Predators in 2011.

This built on the affiliate marketing and SEO knowledge of both of the brothers and helped people keep ahead of the Google algorithm updates that were beginning to change the face of online marketing for affiliates at that time.

But now things are different, so they’ve come out with the new Content Gorilla plugin to stack your site with content.

Content Gorilla from Andrew Fox and Chris Fox

Chris Fox and Andrew Fox Content Gorilla

>>> Click here to make money on autopilot with Content Gorilla from Chris and Andrew Fox <<<

Along with his brother Chris, Andrew Fox has now produced something new. It’s called Content Gorilla and it launches on September 12th, 2013.

You’ll want to be in on the ground floor with this one. It’s a cool new piece of software that plugs into your WordPress sites and draws content automatically from sites including YouTube and Amazon.

YouTube videos can draw in huge numbers of free visitors to your site because Google loves YouTube so much. Amazon is a great source of affiliate commissions. Put the two together and you have a magic formula for making tons of money online.

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Who Is Chris Fox In Internet Marketing?

Chris Fox Internet Marketing

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Chris Fox is the younger brother of Andrew Fox. He began internet marketing using tips from his brother but was soon making a name for himself with the release of products like Google Cash Sniper and Google Terminator.

Chris focuses on affiliate marketing in non-IM niches as well as internet marketing products. He’s skilled in SEO and attracting traffic from Google. He spends a lot of time testing free traffic methods to discover what works on Google in the post-Penguin world.

Let’s see some information about Chris’s other internet marketing products.